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basic information
product description
product description
Urea tank, also known as AdBlue tank. After the diesel engine SCR exhaust gas treatment system, an important part of the store and filter the aqueous urea solution, but also to prevent the urea solution freezes at low temperatures. Urea tank series is one of the products of our company in the automotive after-SCR exhaust aftertreatment system, complete with joint development with customers and independent design, development, the product set urea solution is stored, level control, temperature control as a whole. Urea tank products have been developed for the 16L.  25L\  40L.  45L.  60L five sizes of different styles of urea tank products to meet customers' individual requirements. In the urea tank assembly molding technology, component design and development has the main blow means (patent number: ZL2014206461948.8) A hollow blow molding processes; for AdBlue tank lockable lid (patent number: ZL20142020584321.6); a new AdBlue tank (patent number: ZL20142020580773.7) and has been approved for use in practical applications and customers.
Performance introduction
Hollow blow molding technology, sensor interface, add the mouthpiece molded integrally with the body, connector firmly;
● High impact resistance, high resistance to environmental stress cracking resistance (ECR > 1500 hours);
● Ensure work under-40℃~+80℃ambient conditions;
● Under standard test conditions and terms of use no leakage, good sealing;
● Good vibration resistance, in different road conditions under the vehicle to meet the requirements.